Dan Buckley
Team Lead, Field Supervision & HSE

Dan is the Team Lead for Field Supervision and HSE for NL Fisher Supervision & Engineering Ltd.

Dan's career took off in 1988 where he worked in Seismic Exploration and eventually moved onto wellhead, gas plant, facility and line pipe service and maintenance. After several years in those areas, Dan progressed into Solids Control operations where he was involved in purchasing and management. In 1999 he accepted a sales position spanning 14 years, 8 of which were in Environmental Disposal and Waste Management. In the three years prior to joining NL Fisher, Dan was General Manager of Prodrill Environmental. His 24 years of dedicated experience in oil and gas has given him a well-rounded knowledge of exploration and production.

Dan is excited to be part of such an integral company and looks forward to providing service for NL Fisher for years ahead. His integrity and experience in dealing with people is a valuable asset.

Dan loves golf, the outdoors and travelling, and enjoys spending time with family.

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