NLF Advantage

NLF Advantage

We strive to provide optimized solutions for our clients. We do this through the use of proprietary well construction techniques, detailed offset analysis, a risk-based approach to technology and development of new intuitive programs.

The advantages we offer to our clients include:

  • Engineering Information Technology (EIM™)
  • Optimizing Purchasing Workflow (Jousta™)
  • Wellbore Computer Simulation.
  • Professional Practice Management Plan
  • Competency Based Pay

Leveraging Data to Improve Performance

Since 2013, NLF has augmented its drilling, completions, well closure and project management service offerings with leading edge software. In order to better support our clients, we looked for ways to identify best-in-class operations and contrast them with underperforming offsets. Existing software platforms didn’t provide simple and timely evaluation of our top KPIs and metrics. So we developed our own. Ask us about how our software can help improve your results.