Wellbore Computer Simulation

Wellbore Computer Simulation

Our focus on engineering analysis drives technical excellence in our proprietary well construction standard operating procedures.  We capture and integrate computer torque and drag, hydraulics and surge/swab modeling with a proprietary real-time field data capture processes which facilitates fact-based decision-making.  

Unnecessary product additions or wellbore conditioning practices are eliminated, improving the efficiency of our operations and saving our clients money. 

Many useful aspects of calibrated T&D using NLF engineering workflow developed over many years of experience include:
  • Model Calibration for necessary useful results. NL Fisher can accurately answer these questions and more using real data:   
    • Do you want to know if you can skip the wiper trip or reamer run?
    • Wondering if you need to float the liner in?
    • Not sure where should the airlock sub go.
  • Accounting for variances in drill string, well plan and fluids

With our Hydraulics and Surge/Swab modeling practices we will accurately predict minimum pump settings to ensure proper wellbore cleaning in all section so the well.

We use Surge/Swab analysis to ensure wellbore integrity while running casing and tripping the drill string. Our techniques have been used to make step changes in fluid system well construction designs where OBM type muds were not used due to incorrect "offsets showing major losses" which were attributed to pore pressure. In actual fact, the losses were due to improper tripping procedures. This analysis reduced area wells by a factor of 50% on the first well.