Our completions supervisors are experienced in conventional and non-conventional well completions including:

  • CBM
  • Artificial lift design
  • Critical Sour
  • Acid Fracking
  • Shallow Gas
  • Multi-Leg Horizontal
  • Multi-Zone and Directional
  • Abandonments
  • Heavy Oil
  • Plug & Perf
  • Completions & Workovers
  • Coil Tubing
  • Well Bore Optimization
  • Ball Drop
  • Workovers
  • HPHT

Our completions supervisors are certified, highly-qualified and complete on-going training to deliver peak performance. We assess our well site supervisors against the most rigorous standards in the industry and require that they maintain a minimum IRP#7 level safety certification.

We also supply DIrective 83/IRP 24 Hydraulic Fracturing Notifications including:

  • ‚ÄčAssist in the development of Interwellbore Communication Policies
  • Providing Mapping & Modeling for Frac Port Placement Planning
  • Analysis of any IOWs
  • Providing a 2 part Notification and Mitigation process
  • Arranging for your Remote Monitoring and other risk mitigation processes
  • Providing a Post Frac Report on your Monitoring

We also offer all of your post frac/completion regulatory services:

  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Flare Permits
  • Flare Notifications