NL Fisher uses Hourglass to ensure complete transparency in our workflow from project inception through to completion. Hourglass is a flexible project management software that goes beyond basic time-tracking and task management. HourGlass has customized features to ensure NL Fisher delivers on its commitment to IRP 7 Compliance for all wellsite supervisors.

Hourglass captures the entire lifecycle of your project in real time in one system.

With proactive tasking and tracking at every phase, Hourglass helps eliminate silos, bringing new levels of visibility and progress to your projects.

The interactive workflow/quality/certification/invoice management system allows optimal organization control and efficiency on all projects. 

Work orders are generated within the system and are broken down to a task-by-task basis, giving our clients full visibility on how every hour of time spent on the project is estimated. The system also allows clients to view the work order as it progresses, viewing time spent on each task, and can also view and respond to any questions throughout the project. Throughout the process of completing the work order, accredited and trained Engineers must complete checklists on each task to ensure accuracy and completeness. Furthermore, a second Engineer must review each completed task and approve or send it back for rework prior to invoicing. Hourglass was purpose-built to ensure consistent quality of work throughout our staff.

HourGlass streamlines requests, plans and prioritizes projects, manages processes, digitally reviews assets, and reports on those efforts.