Hourglass and TMS Software Systems
July 6, 2017

NL Fisher Supervision and Engineering Ltd. (NLF) strives to optimize time and cost efficiency on all projects. Under our continuous improvement model, we execute on this mission by developing powerful proprietary software applications.

 Hourglass is our in house project management, client interaction and quality control software application.  Both employees and clients have access to this software for work order development including:  cost estimates, approvals, task progress, and cost tracking.. NL Fisher sends work orders to clients for approval and in turn clients review and approve to ensure the scope of work precisely meets their project requirements. Clients can also initiate workflow by creating draft work orders for NL Fisher to complete and send back for client approval. Once a work order is approved it is tasked out to NL Fisher staff who maintain the necessary certifications for the specific task completion. The system alerts staff and supervisors of overdue tasks and how the budget relates to the target estimates. Once a task is completed to a prescribed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), an approver reviews and approves the task compliance or sends back for rework. This elaborate process is key to supporting NL Fisher’s mission to be the top provider of quality engineering and well site supervision in the basins we serve.

 In support of our SOP program, NLF has developed a software application called Training Management System (TMS). Through this application, office field staff are assigned member groups. Each member group has a prerequisite list of certification modules and each asset required to complete all modules prior to being assigned a task in Hourglass. . Certifications have an expiry date in order for staff to maintain current certifications. If clients have their own certifications or wish to solve a specific problem through training systems, NL Fisher will add their certifications to the system as well.